Dr. Michael Potter

I have been lucky enough to pursue many different opportunities in my life, and I am always eager to meet new people. I decided at a young age that I wanted to pursue the field of dentistry. While attending a Christmas party at the age of 12, I overheard a physician describe the human body and became fascinated. As a child growing up in Spokane, I spent time in the Columbia Valley visiting the communities.


Undergraduate Studies: Bachelor’s of Science in Biology/Anthropology with a minor in Chemistry from Western Washington University in Bellingham, WA.

Graduate Studies

Master’s of Business Administration from University of Phoenix in Seattle, WA

Dental School

Doctor of Dental Surgery from University of Minnesota School of Dentistry, Minneapolis, MN

​Moving to Bellingham, I attended Western Washington University and furthered my education in the human body. I obtained a bachelor’s degree in Biology/Anthropology and a minor in Chemistry. The road to dentistry was laid with hundreds of hours volunteering at the local community health clinic in downtown Bellingham. I saw firsthand how dentistry can change people’s lives.

​After talking to many dentists about the benefits of a strong business background, I decided to attend The University of Phoenix and pursue a Master’s in Business Administration. This degree coupled with a strong biology/chemistry background was just the ticket to begin studying dentistry.

​I moved my family to Saint Paul Minnesota to attend dental school because of the school’s strong prosthodontic, oral pathology, and oral surgery programs. I immersed myself in the topic of dentistry, and I attended countless hours of continuing education in addition to the heavy load of dental school. I focused on a wide breadth of topics, focusing heavily on oral surgery and removable partial and complete dentures.

​While attending The University of Minnesota School of Dentistry, I made it a priority to volunteer as much as possible at the local shelter extracting teeth for people of humbled means. This was an excellent oral surgery experience, and it allowed me to build up my clinical skills. I’m excited to bring a new level of oral surgery procedures to Echo Ridge Dental. I was also very active in the Hispanic Student Dental Association [HSDA] coordinating volunteer events and working as a member of the leadership team; I helped with events at the school, in the community, and at the national level. These experiences helped prepare me to apply exceptional care in a rigorous environment in all areas of general dentistry.

Recently, I married my loving wife Brogan. She’s an active leader in the community representing the YMCA as their Senior Direct of Programs. When we’re not working to help our community, we spend most of our time playing sports, being outdoors, cooking, and traveling. I am honored to be nominated for World’s Best year in and year out and humbled for our 2023 award of Wenatchee World’s Best Dental Office.

James E. Davis, D.D.S

Dr. Davis offers forty-six years of dental practice experience. He grew up in Southern California prior to moving to Washington State in 1992. Dr. Davis graduated from the University of Southern California with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and a Doctor of Dental Surgery degree. After practicing in Laguna Hills, California for seventeen years and western Washington for seven years, he moved to the Wenatchee Valley where he maintained a family dental practice in East Wenatchee from 1999-2020. In March of 2020, Dr. Davis merged his practice with Dr. Potter’s practice.

Dr. Davis is a life member of the American Dental Association. He is also a member of the Washington State Dental Association and the North Central District Dental Society. In his spare time Dr. Davis enjoys swimming, walking and social dancing.